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Review: Tom + Chee (Newport)

Today’s choice off the Breakfast Menu was the wonderful grilled cheese sandwiches from Tom + Chee.

Today the wife and I got a later start and wanted to try something a little different. My sister had recently eaten at a place called Tom + Chee. She loved it and highly recommended the place. I suggested that we detour that way. We were pleasantly surprised by how delicious the food was. I recommend that people stop in to this little place for a pretty unique Cincinnati dining experience.

Review: Smoq

Today’s choice for the Breakfast Menu was Smoq

A friend of mine invited me out for his birthday, so the wife and I packed up the little man and rolled out to Smoq. The food was good but the service was so so despite the place being completely empty on a weeknight. 

Backlog Review: Keystone in Covington Ky

Today's choice off the breakfast menu was Keystone in Covington Kentucky. 

My wife and I ate at this delightful place called Keystone in Covington. The food was great. The service was okay, and I cant find my notes about it. This review is a little light as a result.

Review: Breakfast at Mokka

Today’s choice for the Breakfast Menu was Mokka

The wife and I were free after a visit to church and decided to hit up an old favorite, Mokka over in Newport.  It is clean welcoming spot with first rate food, we knew it would not let us down, and it did not.

Review: Brunch at Parkside Cafe

Today’s choice for the Breakfast Menu was Brunch at the Parkside Café

My wife and I were late to brunch today due to a big day at church. I was still trying to track down a certain food truck, but was again unsuccessful. Instead we tried out the Parkside Café. The service was spotty, possibly our fault for coming in at 1:30, when they close at 2. Overall it was good food for a cheap price that I would recommend to many casual diners looking for good food on a budget.

Review: Pizza from Italienette Pizza

Today’s choice was Pizza from Italianette Pizza

I had a night to myself so I decided to order up a pizza. The itallianette is my go to pizza place for many reasons. The pizza is always delicious with fresh ingredients and a tasty sauce.

Roadtrip Review: Pancake Pantry Tennessee

Today's Choice off the Breakfast Menu is the Pancake Pantry in Gatlingberg Tennessee 

The wife and I were in the wonderful state of Tennessee visiting relatives and hanging out with my siblings. it was a great week full of go karts funny jokes. Unfortunately the food in Gatlinberg was sub par overall. We visited several restaurants that just didn't meet my minimal standards. Among them was this place, the Pancake Pantry, which listed itself as the best pancakes in the city. I would have to say they failed to live up to that title.

Review: Brunch at Nectar

Today’s choice off the Breakfast Menu was Nectar in Hyde Park. 

The wife and I were supposed to try a certain food truck that was serving brunch at a certain park but I didn't get the email telling me that was on so we had to go with a backup. My wife had intended that we go to Nectar for father's day but my mothers rather delicate dietary needs meant we had to switch things up and go with Vitor's. Despite all that maneuvering we ended up at Nectar and I was delighted by the experience. Nectar is a trendy yet quiet little spot with a good selection and scrumptious food. 

Lunch Review: Silverton Cafe

Today's Choice off the Breakfast Menu was the Silverton Cafe

I was on my way back from a meeting when I realized that my wife had not eaten lunch, so I thought I would stop to grab us something. Since starting this blog I have made it a goal to eat local when I can, and those infernal Gold Star advertisements with the hulking sandwiches on display over the freeways has had me Jones-ing for a double decker, so I stopped by the Silveron Cafe. Its a place that is a lot like a tavern but with pretty good food and better than your average service.

Review: Naked Pizza Hyde Park

Today's Choice off the Breakfast Menu was  a pizza from Naked Pizza in Hyde Park

Tonight my wife and I wanted to grab a bite to eat so we called in an order to Naked Pizza. My sister ate there recently and recommended it. It has no eat in service so you have to order delivery or carryout. Naked Pizza serves up a delicious pizza with all natural toppings and a feel good message.

Road Trip Review: Bell Mell Pizza in Port Clinton, OH

Today's Choice off the Breakfast Menu was Bell Mell Pizza in Port Clinton, OH

Every year my father and his brothers go to Port Clinton Ohio to fish and pal around. I usually have to work and so I miss the fun but this year I had one day to make the trip. Port Clinton is  a sleepy little town so there are few restaurant options and only one restaurant option after 10pm, and that was Bell Mell Pizza. Bell Mell is a tavern that also has a carryout pizza shop inside. It was a pretty good pizza and definitely better than most chains.

Road Trip Review: Bask in Charolotte, NC

Today's Choice off the Breakfast Menu was Bask at Seaboard in Charlotte,  NC.

It was the last day of our North Carolina adventure and the wife and I were alone for breakfast. Our friends Terry & Leia were off at the con. I wanted to eat something special for the brunch and I had to raise the bar a little after the excellent food we had eaten at the Terrace Cafe. I found bask on an Urban Spoon search for downtown-Uptown restaurants, even though its more uptown adjacent. It was a very lovely place with superb service and a divine french toast.

Roadtrip Review: Terrace Cafe in Charlotte, NC

Today's Choice off the Breakfast Menu was the Terrace Cafe in Charlotte, NC.

It was our second morning in Charlotte, and it being the weekend there were fewer breakfast/brunch options available in uptown. We had to drive a little bit to find the Terrace Cafe, and I was very glad we did. It was a very nice spot with a lovely dining atmosphere, great decor, and amazing food. It was definitely a highlight of the trip.i left this restaurant and wanted to wrap it up and bring it home with me.

Roadtrip Reivew Cajun Queen in Charlotte, NC

Today's Dinner Choice was Cajun Queen in Charlotte NC

It was a good night for me. A friend had offered to buy me and the wife dinner while in Charlotte and another friend who was a local Charlotte-ite had offered to show us around. We ended up at the Cajun Queen, which my friend Ed highly recommended. We were not disappointed as the place offered good food in an upscale atmosphere and a taste of Nawlin’s soul in North Carolina.

Road Trip Review: Bluprint in Charlotte, NC

Today's Choice off the Breakfast Menu is Bluprint in Charlotte, NC.

The wife and I are in Charlotte for the weekend to attend Heroes Con with some friends. As always I am on the lookout for the best places to enjoy a good breakfast. Bluprint came up on Urban spoon and a quick Google search let me know that it was a bit of an up and coming establishment. It seemed perfect for our first morning in Charlotte. It was also walking distance from the hotel which is always a plus. At blueprint we had a great experience with a dedicated staff, a hip atmosphere and unique food.

Road Trip Review: Dinner at Mert's Heart and Soul In Charlotte, NC

Today’s choice was dinner at Mert's Heart and Soul in downtown Charlotte, NC

It was our first night in Charlotte and we had to visit a place we enjoyed the last time we were in NC. So we chose to go to Mert's, a restaurant in the heart of uptown Charlotte. Mert's is known for its mouth watering soul food and down home feel. We weren't disappointed by our return but it did fail to live up to some of our expectations.

Review: Brunch at Honey

Today’s choice off the Breakfast Menu was Honey in Northside

The wife and I wanted to eat somewhere good today after church, and I wanted to go somewhere a little trendy. Honey looked pretty good when I viewed the menu online. It’s a little restaurant in Northside with a ritzy menu. I convinced the wife to try something new and off we went. The result was more than we imagined. The place was really five star with cozy and posh surroundings and a delicious menu of brunch items.  

Review: Hitching Post

Today’s choice off the Breakfast Menu was The Hitching Post

Today we got out of church a little later than I  intended so we had fewer brunch options.  We were down the street from The Hitching Post and  I knew they offered breakfast till 3pm so I decided to hit that place. We typically enjoy the chicken there, and I have sampled the breakfast before. I anticipated it being a good time and I was not disappointed by the scrumptious breakfast options.

Review: Flip Daddy's Burgers & Beers

Today’s restaurant review is Flip Daddy's Burger's & Beers

Today the wife and I dropped the baby at my mom's for her weekly grammy time and were left with few options of what we wanted to eat. I suggested Flip Daddy's. We ate there once on a fluke when I tried to sample their breakfast and arrived too late. The place was actually decent that go round so I thought I would revisit it for the blog and to see if their burgers held up to memory. I can gladly say that they did and it was an excellent meal.  

Review: Bluebird Cafe

Today's choice off the breakfast menu is Bluebird Cafe in Norwood.

My wife had an eye exam this morning wherein they dilated her eyes. She took one step into the brightly lit world outside the eye doctor’s office and realized that she was not prepared to go into work until her eyes adjusted. I typically have Wednesday mornings off anyway so I thought we would have brunch together while she recuperated. I decided to hit Bluebird Cafe after reading good reviews on Urban Spoon and by local bloggers. I was very glad I did because the food was definitely above par.I was glad I went into that sleepy little cafe and will definitely be keeping it in mind as a sure bet on future excursions.

Recipe: Challah French Toast

For Mother's day I made my wife breakfast. We were running a little late for church so I gave her the option of either some creamy grits, or my famous French Toast. She chose the French Toast.

Road Trip Review: 3 Sisters in Indianapolis

Today’s restaurant for the Breakfast Menu is 3 Sisters in Indianapolis Indiana.  

The wife and I were on a little getaway to Indianapolis. We were on our way to Terra Haute to see my cousin graduate with her Doctorate and we were in need of vittles. A quick search of eateries in the area returned info on 3 sisters. It is an eatery that has been featured on Food Network’s “Diners Drive-ins and Dives” and is regularly a contender for one of the best breakfasts in the city according to their urban newspaper Nuvo, and UrbanSpoon. I read a few online reviews of the place and decided it looked like the place for us. This is a TBM first road trip review, and I couldn’t have chosen a better establishment.

Review: Sunday Brunch at Grande Finale

Today’s choice off the Breakfast Menu was the Sunday brunch Buffet at Grande Finale in Glendale.

Today the wife and I had to be in the Springdale area to finish paying on a couch we had ordered that no longer exists (but that is another story) so in an attempt to save gas I decided to take advantage of our need to be over on that side of town to try a place I had been meaning to hit up, The Grande Finale. I was thinking that the place wouldn’t be packed the weekend between Easter and Mother’s day but I was mistaken. It was packed today too. The staff commented that it was unexpected but they appeared to handle it well. We had a very good experience there and would definitely put it on our list of places to return to.

Recipie: Spinach and Bacon Quiche

The other dish I made for Easter Brunch was a Spinach and Bacon Quiche. I had never made a quiche before but I have had some pretty good ones. Particularly the one I sampled from Bluebird bakery, which was one of the best I have ever tasted. I again forgot to take pictures of the process and I promise I will do better in the future.

Recipie: Baked French Toast Casserole

For Easter dinner I cooked for the family and decided to go with a Brunch Theme. One of the main dishes that went over very well was the Baked French Toast Casserole. It was pretty easy to make, although I made several changes to the recipe. Everyone that tried it loved it so I would have to say it was a success for my first time trying it.

Review: Sunday Brunch at Vitor’s

Today’s choice off the Breakfast Menu was Vitor’s Today the wife and I decided that we could hit a place he have hit before and that we love. We got a late start again, as always. We ended up at Vitor’s. It is one of our favorite places and it is a pretty solid meal every time.

Getting onto Urban Spoon

I am currently in the process of getting myself featured on the website Urban spoon. I figure that this will raise the visibility of my site and get me viewers. It does make me feel better to know that I am not just writing these for myself.

Anyways, part of the vetting/confirmation process involves me writing a blog post that says

"Urban Spoon Rocks!"

This is that blog post.

Sunday Brunch at Annabel's

Today’s choice off the Breakfast Menu was Annabelle’s Today the wife and I decided to try someplace close and new, mostly because we got a late start today. We ended up at a nice little place called Annabelle’s where the wait was long but service was wonderful and the food was delicious. Overall it set the standard for one of our best breakfast experiences so far.

Review: Dinner at Aunt Flora’s

Today’s choice off the Breakfast Menu was Peach Cobbler from Aunt Flora’s

Today the we had friends in town so we decided to hit up a soul food place that my wife had just learned about named Aunt Flora’s. Come to find it was right up the street from our house, and had been featured on Martha Stewart and Oprah. Our friends are people who love good soul food so we knew that we had to provide a quality experience, fortunately we were pleasantly surprised by what we found at Aunt Flora’s that day. I know dinner reviews are unusual for TBM but today sometimes I will make an exception for good food.(also its my blog, so I do what I want.)

Citybeat’s Best in the City Article

From City Beat
CityBeat released it’s Best of Cincinnati Issue this week (available on line here) and it came with few surprises and some good advice. If you aren’t familiar City Beat is Cincinnati’s local urban weekly periodical that provides information on the happenings of the city. Aimed at the 20-40 demo the paper tries to appeal to everyone by offering information on events, concerts, bars and pubs. The Best in the City has been running since the paper’s inception and you can find previous year’s entries going all the way back to the year 2000. Be careful when snooping back that long because many of the choice establishments have closed or moved on in the nomadic world of Cincinnati dining. 

Review: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes at Cheesecake Factory

Today's choice off the Breakfast Menu was Lemon Ricotta Pancakes and the French Toast Napoleon from the Cheesecake Factory

Today the wife and I decided to hit up the Cheesecake factory for brunch. We have eaten there once before for breakfast but that was so long ago that I did not have a clear memory of why we had never returned. A friend of ours really likes eating at the establishment and it had been forever since we ventured that way. The restaurant was of course packed to the gills but we discovered the secret of the bar area where, if you can grab a table, you can jump the line and get seated faster.

Review: The Breakfast Buffet from Olives

Today's choice off the Breakfast Menu was the breakfast menu from Olives at the Ludlow Garage.
Today the wife and I hit up Olives at the Ludlow Garage for Brunch. I forget what site told me about Olives but it was on my list as a place to hit up. I usually don’t go for Buffets but the Omelet station had me.

Review: Apple Streusel French Toast Bread Pudding from Take The Cake

Today's choice off the Breakfast Menu was the Apple Streusel French Toast from Take The Cake.

Today the wife and I went to Take the Cake down in Northside. I read about them on Citybeat, and heard really good things. We set out a little later than we planned and walked into a huge crowd, which was a good and a bad sign. We braved it, and were pretty glad we did. I came for the Blackberry Cobbler French Toast Bread Pudding, but they ran out by the time we got there.

Review: Belgium Waffle from The Echo

Today's choice off the Breakfast Menu was a Veggie Omelet and half Waffle from The Echo in Hyde Park.
Today I went looking for a new breakfast spot, the Village Kitchen, but I got turned around, and then discovered that they don’t serve breakfast on weekdays. So I went to an old fallback spot, The Echo in Hyde Park. It’s a quaint little diner near Hyde Park Square. I thought about ordering something called a Flying Pig Sandwich, but I chickened out and instead went with a standard meal, a veggie omlette special and a half waffle.

Review: The French Toast from The National Exemplar

Today's choice off the Breakfast Menu was the French Toast from the National Exemplar.
Today, the wife and I hit the National Exemplar in beautiful Mariemont . I had never tried it before, and their pancakes were votedBest in the City’ by Cincinnati Magazine.  It is a nice restaurant inside the Mariemont inn. The menu had some good looking items on it, but I knew I wanted the French Toast, and my wife wanted a Blueberry pancake.  We ordered quite a bit of food, so this is going to be a heftier review than the ones previous.

Review: Bacon & Spinach Quiche from Bluebird Bakery

Today's choice off the Breakfast Menu was the Bacon and Spinach Quiche from the Bluebird Bakery and Cafe:

Today, after dropping off my son at the baby sitters I decided to grab a quick bite to eat. I recalled their being a good breakfast place in Glendale, but I couldn’t remember where it was. A quick google search on my Droid lead me to The Bluebird Bakery in Historic Glendale. It was a small little quiet place nestled among antique shops. I walked in and was greeted by classical music from the radio playing softly. I looked at the menu and made the decision to go with the Quiche, which had been recommended by the website that endorsed the place

Cincinnati Breakfast spots

A list of possible places to have breakfast in the City of Cincinnati
(culled from best of websites)

Kellogg County Kitchen (by Lunkin Airport)
The Forum (Brunch)
Clearview Tavern
Coffe Cup
Joes on Sycamore
Pepper Pod (Newport)
The National Exemplar
Take the Cake
Tucker's in OTR
The Blue Jay
The Grand Finale (Sunday Brunch)
The Village Kitchen

Any I forgot/don't know about?

Review: Cinnamon Almond French Toast

Today's choice off the Breakfast Menu was the Cinnamon Almond French Toast from the Original Pancake House in Montgomery

My wife was out of town today but, breakfast being my favorite meal I decided to hit up a regular spot we go to, the Original Pancake house in Montgomery. For my meal I decided to get the Cinnamon Almond French Toast. It’s a meal I don’t normally order because my wife is allergic to all things “nuts.”  I ordered it with my typical side, two eggs scrambled with cheese.

What are we doing here

This is a blog about breakfast, the most important meal of the day. I am a big fan of breakfast. I have been having breakfast every Sunday with my wife for years. I have had breakfast in shops and cafes all across the east coast. I decided to create this blog as a way to chronicle the restaurants I eat in and the meals I enjoy. Stay tuned for weekly reviews, recipes and ideas for the perfect breakfast.