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Review: Daylight Donuts

Quick review of Daylight donuts:

Review: Terry's Turf Club

Today's choice was Terry's Turf Club.

My wife was scheduled to be induced today with our second son, so I gave her the choice on what will be her last meal before she has to subsist on ice chips for however long. I name dropped Terry's Turf Club and she said, "well, now we have to go there." It was an excellent last meal that I may put on my list of last meals if I am ever scheduled to meet my end in an electric chair. Not that I plan on murdering anyone, but if you had seen how I murked that sandwich you would think I was capable of some pretty dastardly deeds.

Recipie: Apple Crisp

I had a bag of apples that was just short of going bad so I decided to make an apple crisp. It turned out very yummy.

Roadtrip Review: Mamma's Caribbean Grill

Today's choice off the Breakfast Menu is the Mamma's Caribbean Grill in Charlotte, NC.

We went out for a night on the town and a quick urban spoon search pointed us to Mamma's Caribean Grille as a good late night option for a Saturday night. We were impressed by  the spicy food and good times with good friends. 

Road Trip Review: Price's Chicken Coop

Today's choice off the breakfast menu was prices chicken coop:
I had a snafu at Eddie's place. The batteries in my camera went dead so what I had to go back to the hotel to charge them. That gave me and the wife an opportunity to take a nap. When we woke she was, of course, hungry so we decided to grab some food. It was Saturday so we have the opportunity to stop at prices chicken coop. Price’s chicken coop is a little chicken shack south of Charlotte that was spoken highly of on urban spoon. Thankfully I was not disappointed.

Roadtrip Review: Eddie's Place

Today's choice off the Breakfast Menu is Eddie's Place in Charlotte, NC.

Eddie's Place was a quick pick. I needed a place close to our hotel. As far as the map was concerned it was just a few miles away, but there was construction on the main road so it took us 45 minutes to get there. Eddie's place is more a bar than restaurant but their menu looked good so we thought we were in for a treat.

Roadtrip Review: Mac's Speed Shop

Tonight's choice was Mac's Speed Shop South End in Charlotte NC

For our first Dinner in Charlotte I picked this place because my friends said they wanted to try some barbeque. Unfortunately by the time they got out of Heroes Con it was too late for most of the BBQ spots as they closed at 9. Urban Spoon said that Mac's Speed Shop was open late and offered good food for a decent price. I was glad I chose it.

Roadtrip Review: Zada Janes Cafe

Today's choice off the Breakfast Menu is the Amaretto French Toast from Zada Janes Cafe in Charlotte, NC.

It was our first day in Charlotte and we had to Brunch, because that is how we roll. The wife, Mrs. Huddleston and I hit the streets for a little Brunch. I chose Zada janes because it was a leftover from last year that we didn’t get a chance to hit. The place was decent but not great. The service was excellent but there were a few things that missed the mark, particularly for a place that was once listed as the best breakfast in Charlotte.
Zada Janes is a trendy little place that is in a little area of Charlotte where a lot of other restaurants in Charlotte are, particularly restaurants recommended by Urban spoon and Charlotte’s urban magazine Creative Loafing. The place definitely had a hipster vibe to it with quirky menu titles. I will say that they have one of the worst websites in the world. There is weird music playing and obscure imagery. I am not sure why i…

Recipe: Lemon Blueberry Pancakes

Today at TBM central we made Lemon Blueberry Pancakes

I am not usually a fan of pancakes, mostly because of my preference for French Toast. After perusing the website The Carnal Dish, I saw a recipe for Lemon Blueberry Pancakes and thought it might be nice to try. I always have blueberries in the fridge because my son loves them, and I love a good smoothie. I had to remember to pick up lemon, but I figured it would be worth it. The pancakes turned out magnificent. They were fluffy, flavorful and rich.

Recipe: Croque Madam (or Monsieur)

Today at TBM central we made Croque Madam

The Croque Madam is a french version of the ham and Swiss melt. My wife was in the mood for a ham and Swiss sandwich and for some reason I wanted to punch it up a bit by fitzing with the recipe. a quick google search lead me to this sandwich, which sounded delightful. It is a french take on the hot ham and cheese sanwich covered in a cheesy sauce and topped with a fried egg. I was missing a key ingredient, the Gruy√®re cheese, so this is an approximate of the recipe. Even without that ingredient it was a delightful surprise. 

Review: Price Hill Chili

Today’s choice off the Breakfast Menu was Price Hill Chili: 

I had a presentation today, which went very well and left me on the West Side of town. I decided to stop into a local chili spot for a quick breakfast. Price Hill Chili is a Westwood institution. It features decent food for a good price. While it is not the trendiest spot in the city you can count on it for a hot meal and great service. 

Recipe: Bacon & Cheese Egg Cups

Today's recipe is Bacon Egg and Cheese Cups:

This is an insanely easy recipe. The one I found online didn't call for anything more than eggs, cheese, and bacon in a muffin tin. All of these items were actually on sale at the local grocer. I actually got this recipe off Tumblr, which I visit frequently because I am an internet junkie. The recipe came from a food blog called, Kirbie's Cravings. I usually tag the recipes I want to try and leave them open in tabs. Because Mother's Day was coming up I knew this would be the perfect addition to the brunch menu.

Recipe: Sweet Rice

Today's recipe was a family staple sweet rice,
Most people would call this rice pudding. Its about the same, but we tend to eat it warm, where others may eat it cold. We also consider it to be a useful addition to any meal, be it as a side dish or a breakfast. The recipe is pretty easy, so I suggest you try it for yourself.

Review: Zoup!

Today’s choice off the Breakfast Menu was Zoup! Fresh Soup Company:

Every now and again a friend will call me to sit down and bend my ear to their tales and troubles. Today was  one of those days where I found myself on the other side of the table while a friend laid out a personal issue. We decided on Zoup! at Stetson Square. It specializes in various soups. They let you taste them before you buy, so you have the chance to try over a dozen different soups. The soups were tasty but not spectacular. It was a pleasant experience for a quick lunch.

Review: Mimi's Cafe

Today’s choice off the Breakfast Menu was Mimi's Cafe

It was super hero weekend around these parts. Avengers dropped, free comic day happened and we threw a super hero themed birthday party for my little guy. I was taking the wife to see the Avengers today and my sister and her beau asked to join in. I insisted that we brunch as a pre-show event. I chose Mimi's because it wasn't far from the Mason Theater. I had been to Mimi's for dinner and the food was decent. I thought I would give them a try for breakfast. 
Mimi's is apparently owned by Bob Evans, which you wouldn't know by the ambiance. It appears to be rather upscale, but suffers the fate of many chain restaurants where they put way too many things on the wall. The menu is very bulky with a variety of  dishes. They serve breakfast all day, but you have to specifically ask for a breakfast menu after a certain time. They will usually hand you the lunch or dinner menus after noon.  
The service was interesti…

Review: It's Just Crepes

Today’s choice off the Breakfast Menu was It's Just Crepes

It was one of those days where I was in between meetings with two hours before I had to be anywhere and nothing to do. The realization that it was nearly 2pm and I had not eaten all day struck me as no surprise. Often when I have a full schedule I forget to sit down and eat. I had to run past the downtown library so I decided to try one of the restaurants on my list. I don't recall what made me decide on "It's Just Crepes" but I did and I was pleasantly surprised. The place offers good food made quickly.

Review: Taste of Belgium

Today’s choice off the Breakfast Menu was

I woke up a little more independent than usual with my wife off getting her hair braided. I had been reading Game of Thrones all morning awaiting her return. When it appeared that she would not be back any time soon I decided that I would strike out on my own for a bite to eat. I checked the for the editor's picks for best Brunch in the city and they ID'd Taste of Belgium as the place to be. So I saddled up with my Canon and my Kindle and headed into OTR for a taste off their brunch menu.

Recipe: Creme Brulee French Toast

Easter came around again, so I decided to suggest the family get together again for brunch. I didn't want to simply reproduce the previous years dish, but instead I wanted to build on it and add my own flair to a new dish. I was browsing through food network and saw a recipe for a the Creme Brulee French Toast. It sounded great, so I had to make it.

Review: Sunrise Burrito from Great Scot! Diner

Today's choice off the breakfast menu was the Sunrise burrito from Great Scott Diner.

I was in Batavia for an errand so I decided to stop for breakfast. Urban spoon suggested the Great Scott Diner so I decided to check it out. I was not disappointed. The food was pretty good and the atmosphere was cool. 

Roadtrip Review: Zest! Exciting Food Creations

Today’s choice off the Breakfast Menu was Zest! Exciting Food Creations.

The wife and I traveled to Indianapolis this weekend to meet some new friends and to Brunch with vigor. Our new friend Cloris lined up Zest as the place to be and we were not disappointed. The place had excellent service, amazing food and a delightful atmosphere that made for a top notch experience.

Review: Adriatico's Pizza

Today's choice was an "inflation buster" pizza from Adriatico's.

While spending a night in the hospital for my rambunctious son we decided to forgo the hospital food and instead order a pizza. It had been forever since I had ordered Adriatico's (at least 4 years) so I decided ring them up and order a pie. I was not disappointed. The pizza was just as flavorful and delicious as I have come to expect from this college establishment.

Review: Tomato, Avocado Turkey Burger Melt

Today I thought I would write up a quick review of this "on the fly" burger recipe that blew my mind.

Review: Abby Girl Cupcakes

Today's choice is cupcakes from Abby Girl Sweets.

While at the St Patrick's day parade my sister had the brilliant notion to stop by Abby Girl for some cupcakes. it was a great idea because these cupcakes are amazing!

Review: Cod Sandwich

Today's choice was a Cod sandwich from  Hitching Post:

Man I eat at this place a lot, and for good reason. The food is usually solid, give or take a few bad experiences, and the service is usually reliable. That is a formula for me to be a return customer.

Review: French Toast from Tucker's on Vine

Today’s choice off the Breakfast Menu was the French Toast from Tucker's on Vine st.

I met up with a friend for a bite to eat and some excellent conversation. It was a good time made even better by this delicious french toast from Tucker's.

Review: Dena's Diner South West Omelet

Today’s choice off the Breakfast Menu was the Southwest Omelet from Dena's Diner

I had a little bit of time to kill before an 11:00 meeting so I stopped into a place on the way. Dena's is a go to spot for me to grab some delicious grub for a great price. 

Review: Prosciutto Stuffed Chicken at Indigo

Today’s choice off the Breakfast Menu was Prosciutto Stuffed Chicken at Indigo

I stopped in to a little spot in Hyde park for a quick bite for lunch. In an effort to work faster I am going to forgo much of the old format in favor of a quick review. Indigo is a little cafe in Hyde park square that I go to for Calzones and Italian food.

Review: Sweet Potato Pancakes

Today’s choice off the Breakfast Menu was sweet Potato Pancakes from Cracker Barrel.

I was on my way to check out a movie on a Sunday afternoon and I decided to stop into Cracker Barrel for some grub. I originally wanted the Uncle Herschel's Favorite which is my go-to dish there because of its collection of eggs, hash brown casserole and catfish. A special menu item caught my eye. It was Sweet Potato Pancakes. I have never had them before so I decided to try them out.