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Review: Terry's Turf Club

Today's choice was Terry's Turf Club.

My wife was scheduled to be induced today with our second son, so I gave her the choice on what will be her last meal before she has to subsist on ice chips for however long. I name dropped Terry's Turf Club and she said, "well, now we have to go there." It was an excellent last meal that I may put on my list of last meals if I am ever scheduled to meet my end in an electric chair. Not that I plan on murdering anyone, but if you had seen how I murked that sandwich you would think I was capable of some pretty dastardly deeds.

Terry's Turf Club is a high class burger joint that you can probably see from space. It is covered in florescent lights and they added a host of hanging plants that attract the fatest bumble bees during the day. The place is gawdy and excessive and that fashion sense would fool you into thinking they take a kitchen sink approach to their burgers. That could not be further from the truth.

Terry's Turf Club was the first restaurant I could afford on a week night that I had to look up what the food was on my smart phone upon entering. I had no idea what Halloumi and Foie Gras was prior to walking into this joint. Terrys isn't really cheap. They charge you 8 bucks for a burger, but they give you a fair amount of toppings including the standards, mayo, pickle and onions. but they also will give you grilled onions and grilled green peppers for that base price. They also provide you with two slices of Swiss or American Cheese for that base price.

Where they get you is the additional toppings, like caramelized onion infused cheddar, or brie cheese toppings for the burger that will set you back 3 bucks for each thing. We loaded our burgers up with bacon, and specialty cheeses. They also offer grilled Portabella mushrooms and shrimp topping for the burgers. They have seasonal toppings that are just as ritzy and change frequently.

I watched an episode of Diner's Drive Inns and Dives where they described the type of meat and spices they use on these burgers and I must say although I didn't know why someone would ever need to ship in ground pepper from an exotic land I can definitely say that burger was marvelous. 

The meat was juicy and delicious. It tasted fantastic. The cheddar infused with caramelized onions wasn't that strong a flavor, but the burger by itself was great. Their fries had changed from their old recipe but the taste wasn't as affected. There were times where I have been there and the fries were overcooked, but this time they were perfect.  

Overall Experience:
Service:                  4
Ambiance:              3
Menu:                     3
Food taste/Quality: 5

I give the whole experience 4 out of 5 broken eggs:
I have been to Terry's several times but I never remember to review it because I am too caught up in how good the food is. The food is consistently marvelous and I am always impressed by the taste and quality of their burger. It is a little overpriced for a burger, but they seem to be putting a lot of love and care into it so it is worth it. I give the place the highest of praise.

For more about Terry's Turf Club:

4618 Eastern Avenue  
Cincinnati, OH 45226

(513) 533-4222

 Facebook Page:

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