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Review: Daylight Donuts

Quick review of Daylight donuts:

I am a donuts connoisseur. I love donuts of all kinds. It will be a sad day when my doctor comes to me and tells me to cut back on my sweets. I was stuck in the hospital for the day waiting on my wife to have our second son. I put the call out on twitter and FB for any of our friends to bring us something to eat. My best friend came through with a big box of donuts. It was more than we could (should) have eaten.

The donuts were serviceable. They tasted better than the average Dunkin donut but not as good as a Krispy Kreme. I would say they were donut flavored in every aspect, but not any more remarkable than that. I would recommend this place if you were looking for a sweet treat that tasted exactly like you expect a donut to taste, nothing more and nothing less. One good thing about the donuts was that they lasted a few days without going completely stale. I was still snacking on them after 3 days in the hospital.

Cincinnati has several more delicious donut options available. I will be reviewing them here. the artistry of flavor that is Holtman's in Milford, or Bonomini. Having a Servatii's nearby is enough to make Daylight donuts obsolete. if you are looking for donuts I would say keep driving till you run into a Buskens and leave these donuts alone.

So while I appreciate my friend bringing me something to eat at a pretty rough time, I would stay away from these donuts in the future. They weren't more disappointing than the donuts in your average supermarket, but they weren't worth the calories.

I give the place 1.5 out of 5 eggs.

For more about Daylight Donuts:
3485 Tylersville Road

Phone Number: 
(513) 889-3159


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