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Review: Naked Pizza Hyde Park

Today's Choice off the Breakfast Menu was  a pizza from Naked Pizza in Hyde Park

Tonight my wife and I wanted to grab a bite to eat so we called in an order to Naked Pizza. My sister ate there recently and recommended it. It has no eat in service so you have to order delivery or carryout. Naked Pizza serves up a delicious pizza with all natural toppings and a feel good message.

Road Trip Review: Bell Mell Pizza in Port Clinton, OH

Today's Choice off the Breakfast Menu was Bell Mell Pizza in Port Clinton, OH

Every year my father and his brothers go to Port Clinton Ohio to fish and pal around. I usually have to work and so I miss the fun but this year I had one day to make the trip. Port Clinton is  a sleepy little town so there are few restaurant options and only one restaurant option after 10pm, and that was Bell Mell Pizza. Bell Mell is a tavern that also has a carryout pizza shop inside. It was a pretty good pizza and definitely better than most chains.

Road Trip Review: Bask in Charolotte, NC

Today's Choice off the Breakfast Menu was Bask at Seaboard in Charlotte,  NC.

It was the last day of our North Carolina adventure and the wife and I were alone for breakfast. Our friends Terry & Leia were off at the con. I wanted to eat something special for the brunch and I had to raise the bar a little after the excellent food we had eaten at the Terrace Cafe. I found bask on an Urban Spoon search for downtown-Uptown restaurants, even though its more uptown adjacent. It was a very lovely place with superb service and a divine french toast.

Roadtrip Review: Terrace Cafe in Charlotte, NC

Today's Choice off the Breakfast Menu was the Terrace Cafe in Charlotte, NC.

It was our second morning in Charlotte, and it being the weekend there were fewer breakfast/brunch options available in uptown. We had to drive a little bit to find the Terrace Cafe, and I was very glad we did. It was a very nice spot with a lovely dining atmosphere, great decor, and amazing food. It was definitely a highlight of the trip.i left this restaurant and wanted to wrap it up and bring it home with me.

Roadtrip Reivew Cajun Queen in Charlotte, NC

Today's Dinner Choice was Cajun Queen in Charlotte NC

It was a good night for me. A friend had offered to buy me and the wife dinner while in Charlotte and another friend who was a local Charlotte-ite had offered to show us around. We ended up at the Cajun Queen, which my friend Ed highly recommended. We were not disappointed as the place offered good food in an upscale atmosphere and a taste of Nawlin’s soul in North Carolina.

Road Trip Review: Bluprint in Charlotte, NC

Today's Choice off the Breakfast Menu is Bluprint in Charlotte, NC.

The wife and I are in Charlotte for the weekend to attend Heroes Con with some friends. As always I am on the lookout for the best places to enjoy a good breakfast. Bluprint came up on Urban spoon and a quick Google search let me know that it was a bit of an up and coming establishment. It seemed perfect for our first morning in Charlotte. It was also walking distance from the hotel which is always a plus. At blueprint we had a great experience with a dedicated staff, a hip atmosphere and unique food.

Road Trip Review: Dinner at Mert's Heart and Soul In Charlotte, NC

Today’s choice was dinner at Mert's Heart and Soul in downtown Charlotte, NC

It was our first night in Charlotte and we had to visit a place we enjoyed the last time we were in NC. So we chose to go to Mert's, a restaurant in the heart of uptown Charlotte. Mert's is known for its mouth watering soul food and down home feel. We weren't disappointed by our return but it did fail to live up to some of our expectations.