Sunday, June 5, 2011

Road Trip Review: Bask in Charolotte, NC

Today's Choice off the Breakfast Menu was Bask at Seaboard in Charlotte,  NC.

It was the last day of our North Carolina adventure and the wife and I were alone for breakfast. Our friends Terry & Leia were off at the con. I wanted to eat something special for the brunch and I had to raise the bar a little after the excellent food we had eaten at the Terrace Cafe. I found bask on an Urban Spoon search for downtown-Uptown restaurants, even though its more uptown adjacent. It was a very lovely place with superb service and a divine french toast.


Bask is a very trendy little establishment. It is located in a place called Seaboard St which looks like a big party complex where bands and live music is featured by night. By day it was quiet but for a few patrons. According to the website, Bask is owned by three gentlemen Alex Shaw, Chuck Herrick, Craig Garceau, who apparently “collaborated on every aspect of the restaurant to create a unique space that reflects their distinct personalities and experiences.” It shows how much care and attention was put into the place. The wait staff was polite and attentive. And the chef even chatted us up and sent us some complimentary apple corn muffins. That is a Breakfast Menu first, and it definitely made me more fond of the place.

The Food:

The menu was a simple brunch style menu with eggs Benedict, French toast, Hoe cakes and Steak and eggs. There were several things I wanted to try but I went with the eggs benedict with smoked Samlon, and the Orange French Toast. My wife went with the Steak & eggs.

The verdict:

The food was delectable. The French toast tasted the way I want my French Toast at home to taste. It had a very good batter and was a little soft but crispy on the edges. It was seasoned well and cooked just right. There was a zesty citrus flavor to the french toast with a spicy kick. I gobbled it down quickly.

The eggs benedict with the smoked salmon was also good The Eggs were a little runny, but I like that. I rarely order eggs benedict and I expected the eggs to be poached, which in my mind means boiled shelless until they are hard. When I ate the eggs the yolk was runny, but it still complimented everything well.

 The wife's steak and eggs was good. The steak was in medallions and were cooked to specifications and seasoned well. The chef also sent over Cornbread Apple muffins. Those were lovely as well with chunks of apple mixed with cinnamon and the crumbly corn meal taste. I appreciated the combination more than I thought I would, (it helped that they were free).


Service:               5
Ambiance:          4.5
Food:                  4.5
Coffee:                5

Overall Experience:
I give the whole experience 5 out of 5 broken eggs:

The food, ambiance and service was great. The staff was very friendly which was excellent. I loved the French toast and would highly recommend it for an upscale brunch or just a quiet morning meeting. Bask was like a solid experience that I would definitely one I look forward to to doing again. When I am back in n Uptown Charlotte.                                                                                                            

For more information on the location:

1000 Seaboard Street Ste C1
Charlotte, NC 28206

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