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Road Trip Review: Bluprint in Charlotte, NC

Today's Choice off the Breakfast Menu is Bluprint in Charlotte, NC.

The wife and I are in Charlotte for the weekend to attend Heroes Con with some friends. As always I am on the lookout for the best places to enjoy a good breakfast. Bluprint came up on Urban spoon and a quick Google search let me know that it was a bit of an up and coming establishment. It seemed perfect for our first morning in Charlotte. It was also walking distance from the hotel which is always a plus. At blueprint we had a great experience with a dedicated staff, a hip atmosphere and unique food.


Bluprint marketed itself well, it was pretty easy to find information on the restaurant, particularly in the form of press releases that spoke of its divergence and nominal pricing. The restaurant had a definite style that is evidenced by its flashy website and the striking d├ęcor. On a walk by you might miss the place since it is located inside the Carillion building. 

Look for the sandwich sign to tell you where the place is.
The restaurant owned by 4 under the age of 30 entrepreneurs Chef Barry Francois, George Sheppard, Justin Moore, and Marcus Thompson. It boasts that it is uptown Charlottes only full-service sit down breakfast restaurant that offers the breakfast menu all day long. The only drawback was that at the time of this review they are not open on weekends.

The menu at Bluprint is fun and eclectic, offering interestingly titled dishes such a s the blu barry pancakes that come with Chantilly cream and fresh blueberries. They also offer red velvet pancakes, sweet potato crepes, the Caribbean crepes which have Jerk Chicken inside, as well as standard fare like salads, egg dishes and sandwiches.  

The Food:

I ordered the Monte Carlo, which is like a Monte Cristo in that it is a fried chicken breast between two slices of French toast, topped with turkey bacon, and Swiss cheese. My wife ordered the BFF pancakes, which must have been created for her because they came with bacon and chocolate in the batter.

The verdict:

The food was good. The BFF pancakes were not something I thought I would enjoy. My wife and I were both hesitant at first but they were actually pretty amazing. The bitterness of the chocolate mxed well with the salty bacon and the fluffy pancake. Although I would never order something like that for myself my wife thoroughly enjoyed them.

The Monte Carlos was about what I expected. The chicken was tender and juicy and the turkey bacon was good. The dish tasted good but it wasn’t really what I wanted for myself. I usually try not to eat too many fried foods, especially in the morning. I also don’t usually eat fried chicken sandwiches. I really wanted to try something new instead of the French Toast which didn’t seem to remarkable on the menu. The French toast that topped my meal was actually pretty good with a solid flavor. I found myself wishing I had just ordered that instead of being adventurous. I do not fault the meal itself, because it was good, but it was not my cup of tea.


Service:              5
Ambiance:         4
Food:                  3.5
Coffee:               3
Overall Experience:
I give the whole experience 3 out of 5 broken eggs:
  The food was delicious and the place was trendy and unique. The service was excellent and we had a good time and few complaints. If someone were in the city on a weekday and in search of a good meal with some pretty interesting choices I would definitely send them to Bluprint.

For more information on the location:

227 W. Trade st
Charlotte, NC 28202
(704) 910-4301

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