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Citybeat’s Best in the City Article

From City Beat
CityBeat released it’s Best of Cincinnati Issue this week (available on line here) and it came with few surprises and some good advice. If you aren’t familiar City Beat is Cincinnati’s local urban weekly periodical that provides information on the happenings of the city. Aimed at the 20-40 demo the paper tries to appeal to everyone by offering information on events, concerts, bars and pubs. The Best in the City has been running since the paper’s inception and you can find previous year’s entries going all the way back to the year 2000. Be careful when snooping back that long because many of the choice establishments have closed or moved on in the nomadic world of Cincinnati dining. 

Review: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes at Cheesecake Factory

Today's choice off the Breakfast Menu was Lemon Ricotta Pancakes and the French Toast Napoleon from the Cheesecake Factory

Today the wife and I decided to hit up the Cheesecake factory for brunch. We have eaten there once before for breakfast but that was so long ago that I did not have a clear memory of why we had never returned. A friend of ours really likes eating at the establishment and it had been forever since we ventured that way. The restaurant was of course packed to the gills but we discovered the secret of the bar area where, if you can grab a table, you can jump the line and get seated faster.

Review: The Breakfast Buffet from Olives

Today's choice off the Breakfast Menu was the breakfast menu from Olives at the Ludlow Garage.
Today the wife and I hit up Olives at the Ludlow Garage for Brunch. I forget what site told me about Olives but it was on my list as a place to hit up. I usually don’t go for Buffets but the Omelet station had me.

Review: Apple Streusel French Toast Bread Pudding from Take The Cake

Today's choice off the Breakfast Menu was the Apple Streusel French Toast from Take The Cake.

Today the wife and I went to Take the Cake down in Northside. I read about them on Citybeat, and heard really good things. We set out a little later than we planned and walked into a huge crowd, which was a good and a bad sign. We braved it, and were pretty glad we did. I came for the Blackberry Cobbler French Toast Bread Pudding, but they ran out by the time we got there.

Review: Belgium Waffle from The Echo

Today's choice off the Breakfast Menu was a Veggie Omelet and half Waffle from The Echo in Hyde Park.
Today I went looking for a new breakfast spot, the Village Kitchen, but I got turned around, and then discovered that they don’t serve breakfast on weekdays. So I went to an old fallback spot, The Echo in Hyde Park. It’s a quaint little diner near Hyde Park Square. I thought about ordering something called a Flying Pig Sandwich, but I chickened out and instead went with a standard meal, a veggie omlette special and a half waffle.