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Review: The Breakfast Buffet from Olives

Today's choice off the Breakfast Menu was the breakfast menu from Olives at the Ludlow Garage.

Today the wife and I hit up Olives at the Ludlow Garage for Brunch. I forget what site told me about Olives but it was on my list as a place to hit up. I usually don’t go for Buffets but the Omelet station had me.


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Olives was a nice place. The restaurant is in the downstairs area. There was a sparse crowd there. One table was filled with people and there were a few guys there eating alone. The crowd was younger than the people we usually see at brunch on a Sunday. The hostess was a very nice older lady who delivered us to our seat and recommended the buffet. We got there a little late thanks to the clocks moving up an hour. There was only a half hour left on the buffet, but we decided to try it anyway. The Brunch Menu looked pretty standard with a few staples. I was tempted to try the French toast but I didn’t want to turn down the buffet, which offered waffles. Rather than ordering off the menu the wife and I decided to go with what everyone else was having.  

The Food:

I got an omelet from the omelet station with avocado, spinach, bacon, and mozzarella cheese. The Omelets are made to order and offer a variety of items including bacon, ham, turkey, spinach. Green peppers, avocado, tomatoes and more.  I also picked up some bacon from the buffet, a waffle, and a few other items.The Menu is here.

The verdict:

The Omelet was excellent. It was tasty, well cooked and rich. The egg was cooked well and the ingredients were mixed well. In the future I would probably go with a lighter meat than bacon, as it made the omelet too savory at times. I think going with Turkey might have been a better option. I loved having avocado in my omelet. I had never had an omelet with avocado and it was definitely a pleasant surprise. I plan to try it again. My only complaint about the omelet was that there were few bites that tasted like the Teflon pan it was cooked in. It was a little bit of char that hurt the flavor in a few of the middle bites. Despite that sour note the omelet was definitely the thing to order.

My wife said, and I quote: “Any place that allows me to get all the bacon I want is ok in my book,” which tells you a little about what she thought of the buffet. I thought the ham I picked up was a little rubbery. The bacon was good and crisp despite sitting in the warmer. There was peach dish that I tried that had walnuts in it. This tasted pretty bland and the peaches tasted canned. I definitely wouldn’t waste my time with that in the future. There was also a spinach frittata that was okay but I would definitely recommend skipping that in favor of the omelet. Their potatoes were pretty good. They were definitely well seasoned and tasty. 

The Made to Order Waffle
The made to order waffle came with fresh whipped cream. It was also delicious. It was fluffy and crisp and the batter was flavorful. The only drawback was I was unable to find butter for my waffle. The waitress didn’t really hover because we didn’t order so I had to eat the waffle without butter. Other than that it was pretty excellent. 

The Made to Order Waffle

Overall Experience:

I give the whole experience 3.5 out of 5 broken eggs:

I loved the omelet but felt many of the other buffet items were not much to write home about. I would recommend the waffle, the bacon and the potatoes from this trip, along with the Omelet. This may have been the result of us coming in during the last half hour of the buffet. Perhaps if we are earlier when we come back another time the food may be fresher.

For more information on the location:

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342 Ludlow Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio
Phone : 513-221-4200

Monday - Thursday: 11am - 10pm
Friday: 11am - 11pm
Saturday: 9am - 11pm
Sunday: 9am - 9pm
Lunch: served daily till 4pm
Brunch: served Sat & Sun: 9am - 2pm

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