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Review: Brunch at Parkside Cafe

Today’s choice for the Breakfast Menu was Brunch at the Parkside Café

My wife and I were late to brunch today due to a big day at church. I was still trying to track down a certain food truck, but was again unsuccessful. Instead we tried out the Parkside Café. The service was spotty, possibly our fault for coming in at 1:30, when they close at 2. Overall it was good food for a cheap price that I would recommend to many casual diners looking for good food on a budget.

Review: Pizza from Italienette Pizza

Today’s choice was Pizza from Italianette Pizza

I had a night to myself so I decided to order up a pizza. The itallianette is my go to pizza place for many reasons. The pizza is always delicious with fresh ingredients and a tasty sauce.

Roadtrip Review: Pancake Pantry Tennessee

Today's Choice off the Breakfast Menu is the Pancake Pantry in Gatlingberg Tennessee 

The wife and I were in the wonderful state of Tennessee visiting relatives and hanging out with my siblings. it was a great week full of go karts funny jokes. Unfortunately the food in Gatlinberg was sub par overall. We visited several restaurants that just didn't meet my minimal standards. Among them was this place, the Pancake Pantry, which listed itself as the best pancakes in the city. I would have to say they failed to live up to that title.

Review: Brunch at Nectar

Today’s choice off the Breakfast Menu was Nectar in Hyde Park. 

The wife and I were supposed to try a certain food truck that was serving brunch at a certain park but I didn't get the email telling me that was on so we had to go with a backup. My wife had intended that we go to Nectar for father's day but my mothers rather delicate dietary needs meant we had to switch things up and go with Vitor's. Despite all that maneuvering we ended up at Nectar and I was delighted by the experience. Nectar is a trendy yet quiet little spot with a good selection and scrumptious food. 

Lunch Review: Silverton Cafe

Today's Choice off the Breakfast Menu was the Silverton Cafe

I was on my way back from a meeting when I realized that my wife had not eaten lunch, so I thought I would stop to grab us something. Since starting this blog I have made it a goal to eat local when I can, and those infernal Gold Star advertisements with the hulking sandwiches on display over the freeways has had me Jones-ing for a double decker, so I stopped by the Silveron Cafe. Its a place that is a lot like a tavern but with pretty good food and better than your average service.