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Review: Brunch at Parkside Cafe

Today’s choice for the Breakfast Menu was Brunch at the Parkside Café

My wife and I were late to brunch today due to a big day at church. I was still trying to track down a certain food truck, but was again unsuccessful. Instead we tried out the Parkside Café. The service was spotty, possibly our fault for coming in at 1:30, when they close at 2. Overall it was good food for a cheap price that I would recommend to many casual diners looking for good food on a budget.


Parkisde used to be the Frisch’s in Walnut hills. It still maintains many of the aesthetics of its original owners and even maintains a breakfast bar on the weekends. The neighborhood is a little run down, which might discourage some patrons but inside is decent. There were very few customers when we arrived, but the few that were there seemed like regulars.

The Food:

I ordered the Greek omelet which had tomatoes, gyro meat, spinach, black olives and feta cheese. I also ordered the stuffed French toast which was stuffed with orange flavored cream cheese, and topped with strawberries and powdered sugar. My wife ordered the Parkside breakfast which is two eggs, Geotta potatoes and toast.

The food was delicious. I liked the omelet. It was well cooked and tasted good. The gyro meat in the omelet was unusual and gave it a darker taste than I was accustomed to. I am not sure I would go for that again just because the taste was not what I expect for an omelet. By itself I loved the omelet though. The French toast was good. I liked the batter used and it was cooked well also. I was not that big a fan of the orange cream. It was a little too strong a flavor which I felt took away from the flavor of the French toast. My wife said the loved her meal and that the geotta was great.  

Ratings: (out of 5)

Service:                2.5
Ambiance:            2
Food:                    3
Coffee:                 3
Overall Experience:
I give the whole experience 3 out of 5 broken eggs:
The food was good but the service we got that day wasn't. They have some great menu options and a great price for everything. It’s a good place to visit if you want a basic breakfast with no frills.

For more information on the location:
Parkside Cafe
1026 E McMillan St
Cincinnati, OH
Hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-2pm

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