Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lunch Review: Silverton Cafe

Today's Choice off the Breakfast Menu was the Silverton Cafe

I was on my way back from a meeting when I realized that my wife had not eaten lunch, so I thought I would stop to grab us something. Since starting this blog I have made it a goal to eat local when I can, and those infernal Gold Star advertisements with the hulking sandwiches on display over the freeways has had me Jones-ing for a double decker, so I stopped by the Silveron Cafe. Its a place that is a lot like a tavern but with pretty good food and better than your average service.


The Silverton Cafe is a bit of a catch all. It serves the sports crowd, has Karaoke on Thursdays, serves a pretty decent menu and also has trivia nights. the atmosphere is pretty friendly, almost every time I have been gone inside there have been at least one couple and or one family in attendance. The staff was a little direct, but very friendly. The menu is typical pub fare with burgers, wings, and the like. They also offer 39 different types of double-decker sandwich from the typical ham and turkey to bacon and chicken salad and more. I knew I had come to the right place to deal with my sandwich craving.

The Verdict:

My wife ordered a chef salad and I got the turkey and chicken salad sandwich. I knew she would also want a sandwich so I snuck in a bacon and egg sandwich onto her order. She was thankful I did. The salad was packaged well and was actually pretty good. It had a lot of onions in it, which I took out, but otherwise it was a cut above what I expected to get. The Chicken salad on my sandwich was very good, and it complimented with the turkey. I had no idea what to expect from that combo but I was pleasantly surprised.

My only complaint about my sandwich was that the turkey was very salty. I remember this about most places that serve double decker sandwiches. Even in my teens when I ate a double decker I would often feel a little overwhelmed by the saltiness of the meat. Nowadays I only eat low sodium cold cuts when I have a sandwich so this was a bit like falling off the wagon for me.

My wife's sandwich was delicious also. The bacon was well cooked and the boiled egg was great. her sandwich fell apart considerably more than mine did thanks to the unwillingness of the crispy bacon to lay flat. This did not stop me from munching on her sandwich.

Service:              3
Food:                  4

Overall Experience:
I give the whole experience 4 out of 5 broken eggs:
The salad was good, and the sandwiches were pretty awesome. If someone where to ask me where to get a good sandwich and maybe a good time on a Thursday night I would send them by the Silverton Cafe. That place seems to have a lot going on. 

For more information on the location:

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