Sunday, July 17, 2011

Roadtrip Review: Pancake Pantry Tennessee

Today's Choice off the Breakfast Menu is the Pancake Pantry in Gatlingberg Tennessee 

The wife and I were in the wonderful state of Tennessee visiting relatives and hanging out with my siblings. it was a great week full of go karts funny jokes. Unfortunately the food in Gatlinberg was sub par overall. We visited several restaurants that just didn't meet my minimal standards. Among them was this place, the Pancake Pantry, which listed itself as the best pancakes in the city. I would have to say they failed to live up to that title. 

Pancake Pantry was a nice looking place. Most of the places in Gatlinburg have great decor. It was next to a candy store where I watched a man kneed taffy for 20 minutes. The Pancake Pantry had a line out the door so the taffy guy was a welcome distraction in the thick crowd outside the restaurant. Inside the place is small crowded. If you come with a big party you will struggle to all fit at a table like we did. You will also have trouble if you have anything extra on your person, like a diaper bag and or a stroller, like we were also carrying. You have to leave those items at a coat rack by the ATM machine. I was really looking forward to trying this place out but the crowding made it difficult to enjoy the experience. When you couple that with poor service, we saw our waitress twice, when she took our order and when she dropped the check, and it was not the most pleasent experience.

The restaurant offers several different types of pancakes and crepe dishes. I went with the Cherry Supreme crepes and my wife tried the buckwheat pancakes. These dishes were not very good. The crepes were spongy and tasted as thought they had been wrapped in a paper towel and microwaved. The cherries in syrup that topped them tasted like they had just been pulled from a can. Even the whipped cream topping tasted bargain basement. My wife's buckwheat pancakes were a little better. I have never had them before. They tasted a little more grainy than I expected. She did not like them as much so I ate more of them to get the metal taste of cherry filling out of my mouth. Typically I am not too picky with my food but this was a tragic breakfast, particularly considering how much I was looking forward to some good down home cooking while we were there.

The breakdown: 
Overall Experience:

Service:                       2
Ambiance:                   4
Menu:                          3
Food taste/Quality:     2

They tasted as plastic as they look in this photo.
I give the overall experience 2 out of 5 eggs. 

The food was mediocre and poorly cooked.  They dishes were more sugar than food. The service was poor and at times nonexistant. I understand that the place was packed but overall I was not happy with what this place offered. For a place that UrbanSpoon lists as the number one breakfast in the city it did not impress.

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