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Review: Daylight Donuts

Quick review of Daylight donuts:

Review: Terry's Turf Club

Today's choice was Terry's Turf Club.

My wife was scheduled to be induced today with our second son, so I gave her the choice on what will be her last meal before she has to subsist on ice chips for however long. I name dropped Terry's Turf Club and she said, "well, now we have to go there." It was an excellent last meal that I may put on my list of last meals if I am ever scheduled to meet my end in an electric chair. Not that I plan on murdering anyone, but if you had seen how I murked that sandwich you would think I was capable of some pretty dastardly deeds.

Recipie: Apple Crisp

I had a bag of apples that was just short of going bad so I decided to make an apple crisp. It turned out very yummy.