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Review: Brunch at Honey

Today’s choice off the Breakfast Menu was Honey in Northside

The wife and I wanted to eat somewhere good today after church, and I wanted to go somewhere a little trendy. Honey looked pretty good when I viewed the menu online. It’s a little restaurant in Northside with a ritzy menu. I convinced the wife to try something new and off we went. The result was more than we imagined. The place was really five star with cozy and posh surroundings and a delicious menu of brunch items.  

Review: Hitching Post

Today’s choice off the Breakfast Menu was The Hitching Post

Today we got out of church a little later than I  intended so we had fewer brunch options.  We were down the street from The Hitching Post and  I knew they offered breakfast till 3pm so I decided to hit that place. We typically enjoy the chicken there, and I have sampled the breakfast before. I anticipated it being a good time and I was not disappointed by the scrumptious breakfast options.

Review: Flip Daddy's Burgers & Beers

Today’s restaurant review is Flip Daddy's Burger's & Beers

Today the wife and I dropped the baby at my mom's for her weekly grammy time and were left with few options of what we wanted to eat. I suggested Flip Daddy's. We ate there once on a fluke when I tried to sample their breakfast and arrived too late. The place was actually decent that go round so I thought I would revisit it for the blog and to see if their burgers held up to memory. I can gladly say that they did and it was an excellent meal.  

Review: Bluebird Cafe

Today's choice off the breakfast menu is Bluebird Cafe in Norwood.

My wife had an eye exam this morning wherein they dilated her eyes. She took one step into the brightly lit world outside the eye doctor’s office and realized that she was not prepared to go into work until her eyes adjusted. I typically have Wednesday mornings off anyway so I thought we would have brunch together while she recuperated. I decided to hit Bluebird Cafe after reading good reviews on Urban Spoon and by local bloggers. I was very glad I did because the food was definitely above par.I was glad I went into that sleepy little cafe and will definitely be keeping it in mind as a sure bet on future excursions.

Recipe: Challah French Toast

For Mother's day I made my wife breakfast. We were running a little late for church so I gave her the option of either some creamy grits, or my famous French Toast. She chose the French Toast.

Road Trip Review: 3 Sisters in Indianapolis

Today’s restaurant for the Breakfast Menu is 3 Sisters in Indianapolis Indiana.  

The wife and I were on a little getaway to Indianapolis. We were on our way to Terra Haute to see my cousin graduate with her Doctorate and we were in need of vittles. A quick search of eateries in the area returned info on 3 sisters. It is an eatery that has been featured on Food Network’s “Diners Drive-ins and Dives” and is regularly a contender for one of the best breakfasts in the city according to their urban newspaper Nuvo, and UrbanSpoon. I read a few online reviews of the place and decided it looked like the place for us. This is a TBM first road trip review, and I couldn’t have chosen a better establishment.

Review: Sunday Brunch at Grande Finale

Today’s choice off the Breakfast Menu was the Sunday brunch Buffet at Grande Finale in Glendale.

Today the wife and I had to be in the Springdale area to finish paying on a couch we had ordered that no longer exists (but that is another story) so in an attempt to save gas I decided to take advantage of our need to be over on that side of town to try a place I had been meaning to hit up, The Grande Finale. I was thinking that the place wouldn’t be packed the weekend between Easter and Mother’s day but I was mistaken. It was packed today too. The staff commented that it was unexpected but they appeared to handle it well. We had a very good experience there and would definitely put it on our list of places to return to.