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Review: Flip Daddy's Burgers & Beers

Today’s restaurant review is Flip Daddy's Burger's & Beers

Today the wife and I dropped the baby at my mom's for her weekly grammy time and were left with few options of what we wanted to eat. I suggested Flip Daddy's. We ate there once on a fluke when I tried to sample their breakfast and arrived too late. The place was actually decent that go round so I thought I would revisit it for the blog and to see if their burgers held up to memory. I can gladly say that they did and it was an excellent meal.  


Flip Daddy's is a burger joint on Wooster Pike, between Mariemont and Newtown Ohio. Its a fairly upscale joint that features 24 variety of beers and alcohols as well as an extensive burger menu. The place calls itself the “classic burger joint refined.” The decor was a little ritzier than a burger shack like Terry's Turf Club or the local bar feel of Zips. For 9-ish on a Saturday night it was laid back and quiet there. Our waitress was pretty nice and friendly. 
The menu was pretty big with a lot of different burgers with unique names and eclectic toppings. I was tempted to eat the burger with barbeque sauce and bacon, like I would pick on a typical menu but I thought that would be a little boring.  I decided to try the specials. 

The Food:

I got the surf and turf burger which was their regular burger made with lump crab meat on the top and their bruschetta mixture of tomato basil and lemon butter. Their burgers are special because they are made with their combination of spices, ground short ribs, ground chuck and ground beef. My wife got the salad, I gave her the night off, and salads are usually pretty typical. I wont be reviewing the salad.

But here is a photo of said salad...

The verdict:

The food was pretty good. The burger had a good savory flavor to it that made it different tasting than most other burgers I have had. I loved the texture and flavor of the beef. The topping were also very rich, particularly the lemon butter which gave the burger a tang that I didn’t expect The lump crab was very good with the tomato topping. It really contrasted with the salty beef of the burger. The biggest drawback of my meal was that I ordered the onion rings. don’t get me wrong their onion rings are great, the waitress was even awesome enough to bring me a few extra when she thought I got too few with my meal. The problem was that the onion rings were somewhat spicy and the sharpness of the onions did not compliment the light and rich flavor of the burger toppings. I would not suggest getting those things together. Flip Daddy's offers asparagus which would have been a much better side with that particular burger.  Other than that it was a great meal.

Overall Experience:

I give the whole experience 4 out of 5 broken eggs:

The food was good. The service was friendly and efficient. The burger was tasty and new for me. I recommend the place for people looking for a new type of burger place with some new flavors to try. 
For more information on the location:
Flip Daddy's
7453 Wooster Pike
Cincinnati, Ohio
513- 272-2337

Monday-Thursday 11am-10pm
Friday 11-12am
Sunday 10am-9pm


P.S. I realize a need a new judging criteria when reviewing dishes other than breakfast. Broken eggs work best for breakfast. Anyone have suggestions for non breakfast reviews.

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