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Review: Tomato, Avocado Turkey Burger Melt

Today I thought I would write up a quick review of this "on the fly" burger recipe that blew my mind.

My sister (writer of What's Bri Cooking over on Tumblr) hipped me to the idea of what she called Hillbilly burgers, which is basically a wonderful marriage of a burger and a grilled cheese sandwich. I gave it a try and liked it, and since then have been trying to come up with interesting new ways to expand on the formula. Today was a successful attempt at adding some delicious avocado and tomato in the mix resulting in divinity.

I was hungry around lunch time and had the benefit of several disparate ingredients that I thought might go well together. I had cheese, frozen turkey burgers, roma tomatoes and half an avocado from my lunch yesterday.

I haven't said this before but I have become a big fan of the avocado as a vegetable (fruit, whatever) in the last few years. Whenever they go on sale I pick a few up and add them to sandwiches and salads and whatever else I can think to try. When I was constructing this burger I knew I wanted to use the last bit of Avocado I had before it went brown.

I cooked up the burger first, at about medium temperature. It was frozen, which was good for a quick lunch but if I had time I would have made a fresh one. I cooked the egg in a separate pan when I knew that the burger was near done. I didn't cook the egg all the way, and left a little yolk soft int he middle. This was just a matter of personal preference. While watching those ingredients I cut up my tomato and avocado.

When making a hillbilly burger you have to butter the bread on the outsides. I tend to toast mine a little in the toaster so that the bread doesn't fall apart as I do this. I have not found this to alter the bread much, but you only need to toast a little, you want it to be a little crispy but still soft. I say about 30 seconds should fortify the bread enough for your purpose.

When the bread is buttered you construct the sandwich with two slices of cheese on either side, burger patty, egg, and veggies, as seen in the following photo.

Take the constructed sandwich and throw it on the skillet. I used the skillet I made eggs on so that I wasn't wasting dishes. It is kind of important you don't use the skillet you made the burger in because the drippings will scald the bread too fast. you cook the sandwich on medium heat for about 2 minutes per side. It should toast the outside and melt the cheese. I pressed it a few times to get it to all stick together.

After you have finished cooking then plate the sandwich and eat it. I thought it was positively scrumptious. I loved how the avocado liquefied with the tomato to give me rich flavor in every bite. I used a Swiss cheese this time but I wonder how a provolone or a white cheddar might have favored. I also want to try a soft cheese like a brie or a Camembert.

Overall I give this sandwich a 4 out of 5 broken eggs.

It made for an amazing lunch and I wanted another almost immediately. (I didn't make one, I had other things to do.) but I can definitely see myself enjoying this in the future and trying many variations on ingredients. It would probable go great with some fries.

1 turkey burger patty
2 slices cheese
2 tablespoons butter
1 egg
1 half of a ripe avocado
1 half roma tomato
2 slices bread

1. Pan fry burger. At same time pan fry egg.
2. while waiting on burger, very lightly toast bread slices. when they are done butter on one side.
3. pit and dice avocado into chunks, cut tomato into rings
4. place slices of cheese on un-buttered side of bread.
5. once burger and egg are finished construct sandwich with ingredients, patty, egg, tomato and diced avocado on un-buttered side of bread.
6. place constructed sandwich back onto griddle. cook on both sides at medium heat for about 2 minutes for each side.
7. remove from skillet, cut each sandwich diagonally and enjoy.

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