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Review: Cod Sandwich

Today's choice was a Cod sandwich from  Hitching Post:

Man I eat at this place a lot, and for good reason. The food is usually solid, give or take a few bad experiences, and the service is usually reliable. That is a formula for me to be a return customer.

The fam and I were returning from the St. Patty's day parade and festivities downtown when we decided to stop for a bite for lunch. I suggested the Hitching Post because it was near where we were and I like to eat at little eateries when I can instead of chains. My mother had never been so I suggested we eat there.

I got the Cod because I wasn't int he mood for chicken, and it was late for breakfast. It was good. The cod was flaky and the batter was too overpowering. I was asked if I wanted the big versus the regular cod. I said the big not knowing they were going to give me two fish patties on a burger bun. I thought it was going to be too much but it wasn't. The last cod sandwich I had was from Izzy's. This one wasn't as good but it was leagues better than say a McDonald's fish sandwich. The mini potato cakes were seasoned and well cooked. they were a tasty alternative to french fries. 

I give Cod Sandwich 3.5 out of 5 eggs. 
It was good, better than average but not amazing. I would recommend it if you are looking for a little something to eat. The service was good, and its definitely an alternative to most fast food places. There is a reason I eat at this place so often, its because they offer such a solid dining experience. 

For more information about the Hitching Post. 
The Hitching Post

2715 Madison Road

Cincinnati, OH 

Phone: (513) 871-9201

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