Friday, April 6, 2012

Review: Sunrise Burrito from Great Scot! Diner

Today's choice off the breakfast menu was the Sunrise burrito from Great Scott Diner.

I was in Batavia for an errand so I decided to stop for breakfast. Urban spoon suggested the Great Scott Diner so I decided to check it out. I was not disappointed. The food was pretty good and the atmosphere was cool. 

Great Scott is an eighties themed diner in the Amelia area. It got decent reviews on Urban spoon and I was in the mood for something new. The place looks like a contemporary 80's diner. It had the checkered floor and the lunch counter with the round seats. There were 4 large booths in the dining area. I was seated in a smaller booth. I got there around lunch time and was surprised to find out that they had a lunch special. for $5 you could get a burger and fries or an order of catfish and fries. I was there for brunch so I did take advantage of that offer but I would under other circumstances.

Instead I ordered the sunrise burrito, which consisted of a large flour tortilla, chorizo, eggs, cheddar, pepper jack, onion, green peppers, tomato, black beans, atop green and red chili sauce. The whole dish was topped with sour cream and runs you $8.99. I also ordered a slice of french toast and a hanks root beer.

The burrito was massive, definitely more than I am used to eating in one setting. It put even a Chipotle burrito to shame. Eating it was a pleasurable experience as the burrito was a multitude of flavors. It was full of thick chunks of potato and black beans. There was a lot going on in the burrito that made it a great brunch food but not much like a breakfast meal. There was egg in the burrito but it was not strong flavored and if you didn't know you might miss the taste. The spices were strong in the dish, which was a little much for me. 

The French toast was good but a little processed. It seemed to hit all the flavor notes one would expect for french toast without really elevating itself above in any way. It was nice and light, and the butter enhanced it well. It was also a little on the soft side, I prefer a little bit of crisp on my french toast.

Overall Experience:

Service:                      4
Ambiance:                  4
Menu:                        4
Food taste/Quality:     3

I give the whole experience 3.5 out of 5 broken eggs:

The burrito was good but I would probably not order it again. The diner is a nice but of ambiance and decor. The food is pretty good but standard. They have a very diverse menu, so you can possibly get something to suit almost anyone. I was curious about so many different choices that I wouldn't mind coming back to try out a few other things they have to offer. I recommend Great Scott Diner for a night out or a morning brunch.

For more information about the Great Scott Diner: 

9am - 9pm
Breakfast served all day!
106 East Main street,
Amelia, OH

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