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Review: Adriatico's Pizza

Today's choice was an "inflation buster" pizza from Adriatico's.

While spending a night in the hospital for my rambunctious son we decided to forgo the hospital food and instead order a pizza. It had been forever since I had ordered Adriatico's (at least 4 years) so I decided ring them up and order a pie. I was not disappointed. The pizza was just as flavorful and delicious as I have come to expect from this college establishment.

Adriatico's is a Clifton staple. If you have an event on UC campus there is a good chance that they will be serving Adriatico's pizza. They offer the Bear cat pizza which is a super large slab of pizza with as many toppings as you want. They used to just be a pizza window type establishment when they were located in a hole in the wall on West McMicken Ave. next to a laundromat. Their new location is on McMillan st and can seat 75 in their sports bar environment with TV and a big screen. They also added liquor to their  arsenal. I have not been in the new site but I hear good things. Most people in the city regard this pizza place as among the best in the city.

I ordered the Inflation buster pizza which is a deal where you get nine toppings for the price of five. Adriatico's has several specialty pizza options and the don't let you swap the toppings out on the specials. I did not have a need since this pizza had so much on it. The 9 toppings included mushrooms, sausage, ground beef, peperoni, two kinds of olives, onions.

The pizza was overloaded. It was way too much, so much so that when you took a bite toppings were falling all over to the side. It was delicious in many ways but to call it an inflation "buster" was not a misnomer, those toppings were exploding all over the place. It was well worth the price. The pan crust pizza is big on crust, and the crust is thick and crispy. It was definitely a good pizza. I typically don't get a pizza with so much meat on it, but this wasn't overbearing and was balanced by veggies.

I also got bread sticks. They were a little unusual in that they were twisted. They had a good crust to them and parmesean on them. They were also tasty but they were definitely overkill with all the pizza I had to tackle. I would recommend you lay off the bread sticks unless you have a large party. It was definitely too much for just the two of us.

Overall experience:
I give the whole experience 4. out of 5 broken eggs:

Despite the upgrade in decor and location it is nice to know that Adriatico's still delivers the same quality pizza that I recall so fondly from my undergrad days. The pizza was delicious on all accounts and well worth the price. It was cheesy deliciousness with a toppings explosion. Real quick: the delivery driver gave me a free coke, which didn't really influence the vote but it did make me happy. the delivery drivers for this place are always cool people, and I appreciate most of my interactions with them. 

For more about Adriatico's Pizza

Mon - Thu:9:00 am-1:30 am
Fri - Sat:9:00 am-2:30 am
Sun:9:00 am-12:30 am

Phone: 513-281-4344

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