Saturday, June 23, 2012

Road Trip Review: Price's Chicken Coop

Today's choice off the breakfast menu was prices chicken coop:

I had a snafu at Eddie's place. The batteries in my camera went dead so what I had to go back to the hotel to charge them. That gave me and the wife an opportunity to take a nap. When we woke she was, of course, hungry so we decided to grab some food. It was Saturday so we have the opportunity to stop at prices chicken coop. Price’s chicken coop is a little chicken shack south of Charlotte that was spoken highly of on urban spoon. Thankfully I was not disappointed.

Price's Chicken coop is truly a chicken shack. It is tucked away on a off a "blink and you'll miss it" little street south of Charlotte. It had been on my list for several of my trips to the city but circumstances and conventions got in the way of our ever reaching the place. They close relatively early at 6pm and the cons usually let out at exactly that time. Fortunately my little issue with the camera battery put me on my way to the con, so I decided to hit up this place and grab a box of chicken.
The menu is incredibly simple.

The place is small, there is no seating inside. There is a only a counter and the staff and the thick air full of grease. The staff dresses in all white and buzz around behind the counter like bees. They have several cash registers so even though there is a line out the door once you get in you can move through pretty fast. Remember to bring cash because they do not accept credit cards.

The Chicken was crispy and flavorful. It wasn't full of grease like most commercial places and it had a thin crispy skin that held the herbs and spices perfectly. The chicken was not dried out and had great flavor. It was definitely a great pit stop for us.

Overall Experience:
Menu:                     4
Food taste/Quality: 4

I give the whole experience 4 out of 5 broken eggs:
The chicken is tasty and crispy and all the things fried chicken should be. It had a great price for a good bit of food and everyone who tried it in our little party loved it. I think it would make for a great Sunday dinner or a Saturday lunch at the park. For what it is, I recommend the place for a pit stop.

For more on Piece’s Chicken Coop

1614 Camden Road
Charlotte, NC

Tues. - Sat. 10:00am - 6:00pm


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