Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Review: It's Just Crepes

Today’s choice off the Breakfast Menu was It's Just Crepes

It was one of those days where I was in between meetings with two hours before I had to be anywhere and nothing to do. The realization that it was nearly 2pm and I had not eaten all day struck me as no surprise. Often when I have a full schedule I forget to sit down and eat. I had to run past the downtown library so I decided to try one of the restaurants on my list. I don't recall what made me decide on "It's Just Crepes" but I did and I was pleasantly surprised. The place offers good food made quickly.

It's just Crepes is a small little spot on court street. I imagine that it is good for a quick bite to eat. They make the crepe fresh in front of you for every order. They have pre-prepped fillings that they add to the crepe once its been cooked. They cook them fast, which makes them probably a good place to stop for lunch. They offer savory crepes with filling such as chicken, turkey, ham, and veggies. They also offer sweet crepes with fruit, nutella, creme and other fillings.

Then I came in the place was empty. Downtown is a bit of a ghost town after four. When I entered the place there was no one behind the counter. This happened to several customers that came after me. The staff was more interested in their prep work than manning the empty restaurant.

I ordered the chicken pesto crepe at the recommendation of the guy back there. The pesto was tasty and the chicken was good. The crepe itself had a good flavor to it. I thought it was pretty good. I typically do not order savory crepes. As a breakfast professional I will more regularly choose a sweet crepe. As part of my meal I also ordered the blueberry creme crepe. The crepe was sweet with fresh blueberries and a rich vanilla creme.

The crepes themselves were good, but not great. I felt that for a place that served only crepes the main ingredients were very common. It was like eating a wrap or a gyro, where you don't really pay attention to the wrapping like you do the sandwich fillings. If I had to make a comparison I would say that "It's just crepes" was like subway but with crepes. 

Overall Experience:
Service:                      2
Ambiance:                  3
Menu:                        3
Food taste/Quality:     3

I give the whole experience 3 out of 5 broken eggs:
The food was good. I would say it was best for a quick bite like a snack or a lunch. I couldn't imagine eating it for dinner even though they are open evening hours. If you need a quick bite on the way to the library or while on the way to the court house then I would encourage you stop in. 

For more about It's Just Crepes
39 E Court St
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Mon - Sat.  9:00am - 8:00pm
Sunday        9:00am - 3:00pm
Phone: 513.63.CREPE

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