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Review: Tom + Chee (Newport)

Today’s choice off the Breakfast Menu was the wonderful grilled cheese sandwiches from Tom + Chee.

Today the wife and I got a later start and wanted to try something a little different. My sister had recently eaten at a place called Tom + Chee. She loved it and highly recommended the place. I suggested that we detour that way. We were pleasantly surprised by how delicious the food was. I recommend that people stop in to this little place for a pretty unique Cincinnati dining experience.


Tom & Chee is a special place whose claim to fame is the grilled cheese donut, which is, as it sounds, a grilled cheese sandwich made with a donut instead of bread. The place also serves homemade soups, particularly tomato in 3 varieties: smooth, chunky and creamy. They offer a variety of cheeses and meats in their sandwiches. They have brie and blue as well as mozzarella and Swiss. Including meats they have turkey, roast beef, chicken and ham. Their menu can be found by clicking here.

Tom & Chee originally had a tent location on fountain square but they were recently removed from that location. Now they are located on Court Street and their new location at Newport on the Levee. The restaurant looks pretty typical. It wasn’t too clean but not too run down. There are tables for eat in dining and a soda fountain. They take your order and bring the food to your table. The service was decent, not exemplary but serviceable.

The Food:

I got the Bacon and Blue which has bacon, blue cheese and mozzarella on sourdough bread. I also got the creamy tomato soup. It was a very tasty sandwich. I loved the mix of blue and mozzarella. IT tasted a little like a pizza sandwich but the blue cheese gave it a bite. I liked the kick that came from the blue cheese. The bacon was very crispy and the sandwich was a definite win. The tomato soup was creamy and very flavorful. I appreciated the soup and dipped my sandwich into it for a little extr a flavor like I used to do with grilled cheese when I was a kid.  

 My wife got the BBQ Bacon which has Grippo’s BBQ chips and bacon with American cheese on white bread. She also got the grilled cheese salad which comes with grilled cheese croutons and mixed green veggies. Her sandwich was pretty good. I liked how the grippo’s added a faux barbeque flavor to the mix. It is a very Cincinnati dish that I recommend for those who are traveling through and looking for experiences you can only find in our city.

To top it all off we tried the grilled donut sandwich called the blueberry blue. It came with lemon cheese and blueberry compote on the grilled donut. It was also very delicious. It was sweet, like a PB & J sandwich, but with cheese instead. It was a little gooey with a lemon tart. The donut was caramelized and although it sounded a little crazy to try something like that it was definitely worth it.

Overall Experience:
Service:                          3
Ambiance:                     3
Menu:                            5
Food taste/Quality:      4

I give the whole experience 3.5 out of 5 broken eggs:

The food was great.  It isn't the type of place I could see myself stopping in for lunch every day. They offer the opportunity to customize any sandwich you want, which adds a variety of options, but their main staple is grilled cheese. I wasn't so enamored that I would want to spend 4-5 bucks on specialty sandwiches on regular sized bread. To me that was not good enough value despite above average taste.  I could see it as a place to drop in on once every few months to try out something new. I imagine that the novelty would eventually wear off. I could see it being delicious comfort food on a rainy day.

For more information on the location:

Tom + Chee (Newport)
Campbell County
Newport on the Levee, 1 Levee Way Map
Newport, KY 41071
(859) 291-2433

Mon-Thur 11am - 8pm
Fri-Sat 11am - 11pm
Sun 11am - 6pm

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